A downloadable game for Windows


Ludwig dumped you.

Your heart is broken, but your spear is not.



Final Title: Getting over... Ludwig

Prototyping Title: SpearGame

Fake Working Title: Spearstruck

Version: 1.2

A difficult and in parts punishing game about climbing a cliff using a spear.

Made for the Ludwig Jam, October 2021, in approximately 90h of work.

Xbox type controller support (XInput) and keyboard controls.  Controls are as you would expect, direction keys (WASD or cursor keys) and space to jump.

No saving/ loading of any kind including settings. Currently there is NO SOUND either, sorry! Edit: Now there is a post jam release version V1.1 with sound.

Edit: Version 1.2 now includes AUTO-SAVING for both progress and settings (stored in AppData/ Roaming)!

To apply a new screen resolution have that menu item highlighted and press Enter/ Space or (A) on the controller.

There is no mouse support in the menu for now.

Unzip the archive instead of trying to start the exe from the Zip file, it might not work otherwise.

Have fun and good luck!



GettingOverLudwig.zip 9 MB
GettingOverLudwigV1.1WSound.zip 38 MB
GettingOverLudwigV1.2.zip 38 MB

Install instructions

Fully unzip the archive instead of trying to start the exe from the Zip file, it might not work otherwise.


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is the game safe to download?


will there ever be a mac release?

There will not, sorry. The engine I've used is the super antiquated Windows only 32bit Gamestudio A8 engine. It used to work with Wine on Mac when Wine supported 32bit applications still. (However, Steam Proton and what I would assume similar implementations can run A8 games just fine.)

Should be World Record

Oh wow, that's fast! =)


Cool mechanics and very nice menu animations. I'll definitely give it a go after you add preserving progress across launches, cause I might lose my shit if I needed to close the game and start from the beginning.

Good luck :)